Viva Las Tigerlily

When I was five years old, my dad took me to Las Vegas for the first time and we went to every arcade within a five mile radius of our hotel. Growing up in Southern California made me only four hours away from Vegas and I have gone at least once a year since that very first trip.


Everything I knew about Vegas changed when I turned 21 just a couple of weeks ago. My parents took myself and two friends for a weekend trip before Thanksgiving. We walked around the casinos, did some shopping and enjoyed the weather during the day.


The real fun started when my friends and I wanted to enjoy the nightlife. Because the temperature dropped significantly at night, yet the clubs remained warm, finding an outfit and shoes to wear that were comfortable, stylish and warm was posing to be a challenge. 

Nevertheless, I found the perfect vegas outfit, the Jumeaux Onesie by Tigerlily. This romper has long sleeves that kept me warm while I walked around at night, yet it was still light enough that I was comfortable in the clubs. Plus, wearing a romper was such a good idea, nothing was going to stop me from dancing all night long.


It’s no secret that I am a clumsy person, so when I am wearing high heels, I tend to look like a baby giraffe learning how to walk. Heels are a necessity in Vegas, but I knew I was not going to be lasting all night in a pair of five inch heels. Then I found the Sophisticated Lady heels by Seychelles. I’m not lying when I say that I danced the night away in these chunky heels, they were so easy to walk in and I never had to worry about keeping a spare pair of flats in my clutch.


I had so much fun dressing up in my day and night clothes while I was in Vegas. Here are some of the other outfits that I wore during my trip:

blog collage

Aries Kimono/ Twine Top/ Sophisticated Lady/ Pounce/ Jumeaux Onesie

If you have an upcoming Vegas trip, be sure to take a look at all of the fun party clothes that PB&J has in store!

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Spotlight on Tigerlily

I thought that it would be a fun blog today to spotlight one of our favorite brands here at PB&J Boutique Tigerlily. This Australian made brand features unique clothing that always has the most vibrant and fun patterns. Started in 2000, Tigerlily is all about the beach. The designs are inspired by the health, freedom and happiness that comes from a beach. Here are some of our favorite pieces that we carry in store and online!

ajrakhdresstigerlilyAjrakh Dress

indiennetoptigerlilyIndienne Top

cairoskirttigerlilyCairo Skirt

laetitiadresstigerlilyLaetitia Dress

tigerlily-cote-dressCote Dress

tigerlily-cote-jacketCote Jacket

If you love this brand as much as we do then be sure to check back because we have many more Tigerlily new arrivals that will be in store and online soon!


Sweater Weather

The weather here in Northern California is still unbearably hot for September. Stores are stocking their shelves with Halloween decorations and I can’t contain my excitement for autumn to be upon us. Here at PB&J we have had so many amazing new arrivals that I would love to share with you! Take a look at some of our autumn sweaters that are in store and online now.

1Sweetly Scalloped/ Michele Knit

knotPurba Sweater/ Purba Sweater Green/ Mynx Dress

mystreeLacey Train/ Quilted Pullover/ Zippy Zebra

wildfoxJanes Sofa Lennon Sweater/ Heart Patch Lost Sweater

To see more of our new arrivals click here! Have fun getting your closet autumn ready!

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Fashion Show Video

Happy Monday!

It has been a little over a week since PB&J Boutique participated in the “Luncheon at Tiffany’s” Fashion Show for charity. We were so excited to have our clothes on the runway and had such an amazing time at the event. Check out this video of our fabulous fashion show!

Here are some of the items that were shown on the runway:

Top Row: Current/ Universe Jacket/ In the Sky/ Emerald City/ Holdin My Breath

Bottom Row: Sparkle Cream Dress/ Behind the Scenes/ Italienne Floral Shorts/ Elsie Dress/ Cleopattra Pant

Please take a look at the fashion show video to see more styles from PB&J Boutique. Everything shown is available here!

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Friday Favorites

Hello Lovelies!

TGIF! I have been so excited to write this Friday Favorites post all week because I am so excited to share my favorites with you! If you follow PB&J Boutique on any form of social media, I’m sure you have seen some of our very excited posts about our new arrivals to the store. We just received many new items from one of our favorite brands–Wildfox! Yes, that is correct! Wildfox is brand new at PB&J! Have a look below to see some of the fabulous new goodies that I could not wait to share with you!

Off the Deep End

The World is Yours

Im With Dreamy

Mermaids Like

My Wish List

I Heart You

There is just a preview of all of the fabulous new goodies that we have in stock! Be sure to check out our new arrivals from Tigerlily and Johnny Was too! I hope you enjoyed this week’s Friday Favorites. So which ones are your favorites?

Happy Friday!