Keeping it Cozy

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I don’t know about you, but I am loving this long weekend. Not only does it give me time to hang out with my amazing friends, but I am also able to relax and lounge around my house. With my very busy schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to just get cozy and watch a cute, romantic movie. However, taking time to relax is super important to re-energize yourself, and what better way to lounge than in some super comfy and cozy clothes? Here’s a little glimpse into PB&J‘s lounge wear.

pantsMarzelle Pant/ CB Pant/ Paradise Sweats/ Black Cropped Leggings/ Peace Print Fleece Pant

sweatshirtsRamona Pant/ I Heart You/ Big Sur Hoodie/ Alessandra Hoodie- Grey

robesStone Robe White/ Stone Robe Whisper Green/ Stone Robe Blue Print/ Olina Kimono

No matter how busy your weekend is, the Ladies of PB&J hope that you find some quality relaxing time!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Vacationing in Style

SummerPBJSummertime always holds infinite possibilities. Awesome weather, bar-b-ques, watermelon, swimming and tanning are just some of my favorite things about summer. However, I always love that summertime allows friends and family to take vacations and travel to new places together. Taking vacations to new places and exploring different places of the world is absolutely amazing, but sometimes a spontaneous road trip is exactly what I need. Today’s post is all about the perfect things to wear on your summer vacations.


Slit Front Maxi Dress/ Frilly Frock/ Explorer/ Belles and Whistles/ Elodie Handbag/ Taken Aback Romper/ Greta Sweater/ Holdin My Breath Grey

vegasEmery Pant /Nola Top/ Outlaw Dress/ Black Christie Clutch/ Ida Breeze/ Dbl Cowl Cascade Dress/ Long Distance mexicoTropical Drop Waist Dress/ Tropical Romper/ Margaritaville/ Holy Tube Emerald/ Henri Clutch Brown/ Questa/ Cabo Dress/ Royal Tunic/ Coachella Flower Crown

Even if your vacations consist of a drive to the beach or a fun day on the town, I hope you have a wonderful time. Enjoy the summertime!


In Love With Lace

It seems like all the rage this season is lace, lace and more lace. I must admit, I too have fallen in love with lace pieces for the summer. Not only is it light and breezy for those hot summer days, but lace also has a way of making things just look more elegant. Check out Claire’s look from PB&J Boutique featuring: lace!

IMG_8570This lace maxi skirt is called the Mia Skirt Natural by Knot Sisters. Its is available at PB&J Boutique and it is also available in black! Click here to check it out.

IMG_8583So what can you match with the lace skirt to create a classic look? We found the perfect top by Stone Cold Fox that matches perfectly! It’s called the Holy Tube Emerald and it is also available at PB&J Boutique.IMG_8592Accessorizing it the last step in perfecting any outfit. For Claire’s look, we keep the jewelry simple in order to go with the graceful look of her attire. Her necklaces are all by the brand London Manori, which has multiple necklaces for layering. Claire is wearing the Gold Quill Necklace, the Plum Teardrop Druse Necklace, and the Initial Necklace.

IMG_8600Her bracelet is by Amy Waltz Designs  and is called the Power Bracelet. Claire is also wearing the Henri Clutch Brown and Holdin My Breath sandals. IMG_8565Claire’s look from PB&J Boutique is a sophisticated and tasteful way to dress up a lace skirt. For more lace looks and other fun pieces, be sure to check out PB&J Boutique.

Have a great weekend!


Stone Cold Fox for Summer

It was a very exciting day at PB&J Boutique when the box containing the newest Stone Cold Fox collection arrived at our store. Everything is just so beautiful and so original that we had to share our love with you! Take a look at some of our favorites.

Dharma Dress/ Holy Tube Emerald/ Outlaw Dress/ Stone Robe Blue Print/ Alejandro Skirt/ Holy Tube Boyd Print

Comment and tell us what you think of the new Stone Cold Fox and be sure to visit our website to see the rest of the wonderful collection!

Have a great Saturday and Happy Mother’s Day!


Coachella 2014 Adventures

For those of you who have never been to Coachella, it might seem absurd that 100,000 people flock together in 100 degree weather to camp in the dust and skip out on a shower or two just for three days of music, but let me tell you, it is the best experience I have ever had. It is a weekend filled with good music, good friends, too many surprise guests to count and lots and lots of dancing.

The glowing palm trees, illuminated ferris wheel and unreal music truly make this place a music lover’s paradise. Not only is there amazing music, but there is not one single person in a bad mood. I was lucky enough to have this experience for my second year and I don’t plan to ever stop going.

I will be honest, the camping was a bit dirty but it was so worth it being so close to the festival. I was able to wake up, take a quick shower and head to the polo fields within no time. If you ever plan to go to Coachella, I would highly recommend camping! It just adds to the fun times.

If any of you are planning on going for weekend 2, have the best time! If I could relive this weekend again I would in a heartbeat. One tip I have for all you Coachella goers: Your phone will die immediately! My saving grave was my friends GoPro and it came it handy everyday. Without it, I would be photo-less.

I was lucky enough to wear all PB&J this weekend which was an absolute dream. Each outfit was easy to run around in and dance the entire day. Take a look at my Coachella adventures below:

 South by Southwest Shorts / VS Bathing Suit Top

Nadia Dress

Malena Shorts / Stone Cold Fox Top

Cheers to a beautiful weekend. And the countdown for next year begins now!