Graduation Dresses

For many students, graduation is right around the corner. Whether it be high school or college, graduating school is always an exciting time to be spent with family and friends. Even though you’re wearing a cap and gown, you’ll be rocking that graduation dress for the rest of the day! However, finding a graduation dress can seem like a last priority with everything else going on at the time. Luckily, PB&J Boutique has the perfect graduation dresses in stock and online now! Here are some of my favorites:


Fancy Flower FreePaula


Needle Print Dress


Oh My ScallopsIn the Sky


Missy DressCurrent


Daisy Buchanan


Petal Dress


Romance DressEverybody Dance

If you’re looking for the perfect graduation shoes, here are some that I think are the best:

The Perfect Sandals: Holdin My Breath Grey


The Perfect Wedges: Metro


The Perfect Heels: In the Sky


I hope these goodies helped to give you some ideas on what to wear for graduation. PB&J Boutique does free shipping both ways for online orders. If you’re in the Chico area, come on by and let us help you find the perfect outfit.

Congratulations to all graduates!


Viva Las Tigerlily

When I was five years old, my dad took me to Las Vegas for the first time and we went to every arcade within a five mile radius of our hotel. Growing up in Southern California made me only four hours away from Vegas and I have gone at least once a year since that very first trip.


Everything I knew about Vegas changed when I turned 21 just a couple of weeks ago. My parents took myself and two friends for a weekend trip before Thanksgiving. We walked around the casinos, did some shopping and enjoyed the weather during the day.


The real fun started when my friends and I wanted to enjoy the nightlife. Because the temperature dropped significantly at night, yet the clubs remained warm, finding an outfit and shoes to wear that were comfortable, stylish and warm was posing to be a challenge. 

Nevertheless, I found the perfect vegas outfit, the Jumeaux Onesie by Tigerlily. This romper has long sleeves that kept me warm while I walked around at night, yet it was still light enough that I was comfortable in the clubs. Plus, wearing a romper was such a good idea, nothing was going to stop me from dancing all night long.


It’s no secret that I am a clumsy person, so when I am wearing high heels, I tend to look like a baby giraffe learning how to walk. Heels are a necessity in Vegas, but I knew I was not going to be lasting all night in a pair of five inch heels. Then I found the Sophisticated Lady heels by Seychelles. I’m not lying when I say that I danced the night away in these chunky heels, they were so easy to walk in and I never had to worry about keeping a spare pair of flats in my clutch.


I had so much fun dressing up in my day and night clothes while I was in Vegas. Here are some of the other outfits that I wore during my trip:

blog collage

Aries KimonoTwine Top/ Sophisticated LadyPounceJumeaux Onesie

If you have an upcoming Vegas trip, be sure to take a look at all of the fun party clothes that PB&J has in store!

Thanks for reading!



With fall right around the corner, one of the best ways to prepare for the cooler season is to stock your closet with some brand new boots. We have been going absolutely crazy for our new boots here at PB&J! We have some fabulous new arrivals from Seychelles and Matisse that are the perfect additions to our autumn closets. Take a look at what is now online!




Challenge seychelles-pounce-





Lucky Penny


Good Advice





All of these boots are available in store and online! Be sure to check back to see more of our new arrivals for the fall season!


Mix-It Monday

Hello there!

Happy Monday! Today, we are celebrating our Mix-It Monday with another fabulous new arrival from Knot Sisters. This crochet piece of goodness is known as the Purba Sweater, an essential addition to your autumn closet. Take a look at all of the many ways we love to wear the Purba Sweater.

_MG_9617Get the look: Purba Sweater/ Holdin My Breath Grey/ Ajrakh Dress_MG_9621Get the look: Purba Sweater/ Holdin My Breath GreyGrey Diagonal Striped Maxi_MG_9622Get the look: Purba Sweater/ Holdin My Breath Grey/ Spruce Super Skinny/ Cobra Scarf

The Purba Sweater is currently available in store and it will be online very shortly! Be sure to check back next week for our Mix-It Monday post!

~The Ladies of PB&J

Vacationing in Style

SummerPBJSummertime always holds infinite possibilities. Awesome weather, bar-b-ques, watermelon, swimming and tanning are just some of my favorite things about summer. However, I always love that summertime allows friends and family to take vacations and travel to new places together. Taking vacations to new places and exploring different places of the world is absolutely amazing, but sometimes a spontaneous road trip is exactly what I need. Today’s post is all about the perfect things to wear on your summer vacations.


Slit Front Maxi Dress/ Frilly Frock/ Explorer/ Belles and Whistles/ Elodie Handbag/ Taken Aback Romper/ Greta Sweater/ Holdin My Breath Grey

vegasEmery Pant /Nola Top/ Outlaw Dress/ Black Christie Clutch/ Ida Breeze/ Dbl Cowl Cascade Dress/ Long Distance mexicoTropical Drop Waist Dress/ Tropical Romper/ Margaritaville/ Holy Tube Emerald/ Henri Clutch Brown/ Questa/ Cabo Dress/ Royal Tunic/ Coachella Flower Crown

Even if your vacations consist of a drive to the beach or a fun day on the town, I hope you have a wonderful time. Enjoy the summertime!


Fashion Show Video

Happy Monday!

It has been a little over a week since PB&J Boutique participated in the “Luncheon at Tiffany’s” Fashion Show for charity. We were so excited to have our clothes on the runway and had such an amazing time at the event. Check out this video of our fabulous fashion show!

Here are some of the items that were shown on the runway:

Top Row: Current/ Universe Jacket/ In the Sky/ Emerald City/ Holdin My Breath

Bottom Row: Sparkle Cream Dress/ Behind the Scenes/ Italienne Floral Shorts/ Elsie Dress/ Cleopattra Pant

Please take a look at the fashion show video to see more styles from PB&J Boutique. Everything shown is available here!

Have a great rest of your week!

~The Ladies of PB&J

Crocheted biker

Good morning! I have been loving this crocheted biker jacket and thought I could bring it to life by pairing it with a go-to black ensemble. Very comfortable and chic for around the office or a lunch date with friends. Through on a pop of color and you’re good as gold!

PB&J is going to start weekly OOTD post in order to inspire and showcase a mix of our new arrivals and staple pieces. Check back with us frequently and feel free to comment if there is anything that you would like to see! Happy Thursday!

Get the look

Taylor Biker Jacket $162.00

Pleated Palazzo Pant $196.00

Lace Cami $24.00

Gold Crystal Bracelet $80.00

Gold Multi-Cross Bracelet $59.99

Sequoia Flat $80.00

Fredd and Basha Bag – Coming Soon

XOXO, Laura