1 Dress, 3 ways to style it

We have found the perfect summer dress! The Mystree Sea of Blue Tunic is a summer must have, and can take you from casual weekday lunch meetings, to after work drinks, and even to the Saturday morning farmer’s market. We have styled 3 different looks for this versatile piece, and you could even use it as a swim coverup for your next beach trip.

IMG_4745Pair it with a Rails button down, a belt and your favorite gladiator sandals for a casual look.

DRESS: Sea of Blue Tunic, RAILS BUTTON UP: Marlow Button Down, NECKLACE: London Manori Blue Agate, BELT: Wrap Belt, SANDALS: Behind the Scenes Sandals


IMG_4742Heels and a lace button up give it a dressed up feel.

DRESS: Sea of Blue Tunic, DRESS: Lower East Side Dress, CAMI: Tunic Cami, WEDGES: Fight Fire with Fire Wedges, NECKLACE: London Manori Blue Quartz

IMG_4749Leggings, a fun statement necklace and flats exude a laid-back casual look.

DRESS: Sea of Blue Tunic, LEGGINGS: Cropped Tummy Tuck Leggings, CAMI: Lace Cami, FLATS: Questa Flats, NECKLACE: White Turquoise Pineau Necklace

What are some of your favorite summer must haves?

Happy Summer Styling -Laura J

Air Travel Tips!

My family is spread out all over the country, so I travel quite a few times during the year to visit them. Some are a quick 1 1/2 hour flight away,  while others are a whole 10 hour day of driving, layovers, and plane changes! From carry-on bags to packing, here a few tips to make your next trip more enjoyable 🙂

airplanePhoto of the Turks and Caicos Islands

First, I like to take a big purse as my personal item so that I can stuff all that I need in it. I get super dehydrated on flights so I always pack my empty 32oz water bottle and then fill it at the airport after I get through security. And, try to avoid buying any drinks until you get through security 🙂

This is my must have packing list for flights:

  • snacks (nuts, dried fruit, Kind bars)
  • water bottle
  • ipad loaded with digital books and magazines (get them free from your local library)
  • headphones
  • charging cell for ipad & phone
  • light sweater
  • large scarf (doubles as a blanket on chilly flights)
  • hand cream
  • antibacterial hand wipes (because sometimes that tray table has someone’s snack still on it)
  • notebook/pen
  • lip balm
  • gum/mints

I’m sure you can come up with your essentials, and it’s helpful to make a list when packing. We have some great things here at PB&J Boutique to make your traveling more comfortable! Our Library of Flowers hand lotions smell delicious and are great to travel with. Bonus they are under the 3.4oz limit so you can put them in your carry-on.

carryonMini Punk Bag (sold out) Similar, Silver Coin Bracelet, The Forest Handcreme, Tool Pouch, Ada Sweater, Gold Speckled Scarf, Persian Zip Pouch, Lavender Ranch Hand Sanitizer, Sampler Tin by Library of Flowers, Elodie Ipad Case, Frankie Mint Sunnies

Depending on the length of stay, I usually try to pack a carry-on. This saves time on waiting at baggage claim and you know you will always get your luggage. A carry-on plus rolling your clothes can last quite a few days. Which brings me to another tip – try to roll your clothing! Not only does it help with wrinkles but it saves space too! Room for one more pair of shoes! ; ) I always try to plan out my outfits so I am not over packing.


When packing a carry on, you need to be mindful of your liquids. This is a problem for a product junkie like me. Here is where that subscription to Birchbox comes in handy. I have a ton of sample size shampoos, conditioners, bb creams, lotions and perfumes. I like to save up my sample size products for trips and then throw them in that quart sized zip lock baggie. It’s a fun way to discover new products. Stores like Sephora will give you a sample size of anything you might want to try in store. I like to reuse those little cups they use to fill with my eye cream, serum, or foundation. For a 4 day trip, you only need a little bit of product so don’t waste precious space with full size bottles. Remember 3.4oz or less, and 1 quart sized clear bag per person! Sometimes I just can’t fit it all in one so I put the extras in my husband’s quart sized bag. : )


I hope these tips help you on your next trip!

Bon voyage!

Laura J

brunch… because mimosas

I love to go to brunch on the weekends. I think my favorite part is that I can basically have desert for breakfast! I usually try to start my day very healthy: I’m an egg white scramble and fresh fruit kind of girl but when it comes to brunch… I like to order something sweet and sugary.


Perfect brunch tee shirt!  http://bit.ly/1CrUNHf
Perfect brunch tee shirt! Waffles and Champagne tee made by Blue Jeans White Shirt.

Here in Chico, CA we have a ton of breakfast/brunch options. If you don’t get up early you will most likely have a long wait. Some of our favorite brunch spots in Chico are Sin of Cortez, Cafe Coda, Nash’s and Morning Thunder. A few of these places have unlimited mimosa bars, which sounds delicious. I think Brunch attire is best casual. I have picked out a few of my favorite tee shirts and sweater/jackets to keep  you looking effortlessly cool at brunch. After all brunch is usually a time when you don’t want to spend a ton of time to get ready.

More perfect Brunch Tees! top left to right:, http://bit.ly/19wc1GS, http://bit.ly/1GRJw0h, bottom left to right: http://bit.ly/18Xe4CG,  http://bit.ly/1LoACOx
More perfect Brunch Tees! top left to right:, I Love You Tourist Crewneck Tee , Weekend Walk of Shame Tee , Janes To Do List Tee , The Raven


Perfect pieces to throw on when heading out the door! top: http://bit.ly/1Gju4u5, http://bit.ly/1CpFtJJ, Bottom: http://bit.ly/18CKIJP, http://bit.ly/1Gjuvoj
Perfect pieces to throw on when heading out the door! top: Girlfriend Cardigan, Ryder Jacket  ,  Sweater Weather , Heather Grey Peplum Hoodie

You can of course avoid the long wait for brunch and make your own. Pancakes are pretty quick and easy to make. Today I’m sharing  my fluffy pancake recipe! Slightly sweet so you can enjoy them with or without maple syrup. I love to add fresh fruit on top when serving.  Enjoy!


Happy Brunching!


3 Refreshing Sips

We stay away from soda in this house so I like to get creative with fun drinks; I have put together a great line up of homemade refreshing drinks to keep you well hydrated!


Infused water

We all know the benefits of drinking enough water: good for your skin, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, reduces bloating, keeps you from getting sick…. and the list goes on. I personally try to get at least 64 oz of water a day. That’s a lot! But I really do feel better when I’m well hydrated, and as everyone knows, water can get boring. My solution? Infused water! I first saw this trend pop up on Pinterest years ago, but hadn’t tried it until recently. My favorite combo is strawberries and lemon. It is important to use ripe fruit. If a blueberry is sour, the water will take on that sour flavor. Flavor combination ideas below; the options are really endless!


First rinse your fruit and herbs.


Pierce blueberries and raspberries with a knife before adding them to the water to bring out their full flavor. With herbs, give them a little twist to release their natural oils.


Then add your water. I find it is best to infuse the water overnight but no more than 12 hours. The fruit gets a little mushy if left in the water too long. Easy and delicious!



Infused Iced Tea

Iced tea is very refreshing, but It can also get boring. By adding fresh fruit to your freshly brewed iced tea, you can really spice it up! I love to add oranges to my iced tea. You can get creative with peaches, strawberries, mint, and just about any other fruit/herb combination. It also looks super pretty. Good way to impress your friends 😉


Basil Jalapeno Lemonade

Finally, fresh home made lemonade is the best! Super refreshing and perfect on a hot day. I usually don’t like lemonade, but this recipe is the exception. The jalapeno’s first lured me in; I love anything spicy! The original recipe I found had a million steps and you had to let the simple syrup sit overnight, but I like things quick and easy so I made it my own way and it turned out great!


First you make simple syrup by adding 1 1/2 cups of sugar to 2 cups of hot water. Then tear the basil leaves in 1/2 and add them. Microwave for 4 minutes to infuse the basil and melt the sugar. Add your lemon juice, sparkling water, ice and jalapenos. Refreshing with a kick! You could easily make this mock-tail a cocktail by adding some jalapeno vodka or citrus rum.


I hope you enjoy these recipes, and cheers!