PB&J Boutique’s Summer Photo Shoot

On Sunday, June 23, the ladies of PB&J Boutique traveled through Northern California for our summer photo shoot. We had an amazing day taking pictures with great people and beautiful clothes. All of the clothes in the photos are available online at PB&J Boutique.

Here is a sneak peek at the photos from the shoot that will be out soon!

Click HERE to watch the video!

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A Look at Our Spring Photo Shoot


Here at PB&J Boutique, there is always something going on! Whether it be new arrivals or fashion shows, it’s always exciting! This time, we had a photo shoot to show off some of our spring styles. Taken in beautiful Northern California, we love the locations just as much as we love the clothes! Here’s a short video to give you a behind the scenes look at a fabulous PB&J photo shoot!


Please feel free to comment on the video and tell us which look is your favorite! Be sure to check back to see the final photos from the shoot!


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Get The Look: Music Festivals

It seems like music festivals are all the rage right now! As soon as the lineup is released, people raced to get tickets and find the perfect outfits for the weekend. No matter which one you are going to or where it’s located, the clothes you wear are always a super fun part. So, it’s time to put on the patterned shorts, flower headbands and get ready for all of the excitement to come. PB&J Boutique put together some festival inspired looks for you to check out for inspiration!

Peplum Paradise/ South By Southwest Shorts/ Flower Crown-Plum

Aries Kimono/ Meow Dreamer Tank/ Grayscale Lace

Twine Top/ Shorts: Coming Soon!/ Daisy Flower Crown

At the festivals, it’s all about the head wraps! Take a look at all the different wraps that PB&J has in stock online now!

Coachella Flower Crown/ Flower Bun Wrap/ Flower Crown-Plum/ Kairo Headband/ Daisy Flower Crown

If you are going to a music festival, comment below and tell us which one and which piece is your favorite! We hope these clothes give you a little inspiration on what to wear! Have a great time!


Spring Break Styles

Warmer weather is upon us and all of us here at PB&J Boutique are picking out our looks that are spring break inspired. So whether you are flying to Cabo or laying by the pool, these outfits are perfect for staying cool, looking cute and having a great time!

Dandy Top/ Darling Daisy Shorts

Powder Blue Heart Tank/ South By Southwest Shorts

Im With Dreamy/ Ballet Skirt

Tropical Romper

Tropical Drop Waist Dress

I hope that these tropical looks inspire you for spring time! Please comment and tell us which one is your favorite!

Happy Spring!


A Look Inside PB&J Boutique

For those of you who are not from the Chico, California area, you probably only know us by our website and what we post on social media. We would like to change that. Just click on the link to watch a short video to show you our boutique and where you get your new clothes from.

Take A Look Inside PB&J Boutique

We hope you enjoyed seeing our store! Check out our YouTube channel for more videos from our photo shoots, fashion shows and much more!

As always, thanks for reading!

~The Ladies of PB&J

Luck of the Irish Fashion

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!

When it comes to fashion, St. Patrick’s Day pretty much only has one rule: your wardrobe must include some shade of green. In order to avoid getting pinched for your lack of green, take a look at some fashion from PB&J Boutique inspired by St. Patty’s Day.

Skyla Blouse

Long Sleeve Fringe Back

Jade Braxton

Front Chiffon Tier Tank

Malachite Chevron Pencil Skirt

I hope these looks have brought out your inner leprechaun! Have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Friday Favorites!

Hello Lovelies!

Once again, Happy Friday!! I hope you all have had a wonderful week and have some awesome plans for this weekend! For this week’s post, I have a few random items from PB&J Boutique that I just can’t get enough of, take a look!

The Aries Kimono! How fabulous is this? It’s perfect for going out and dressing up a simple outfit with some rad style.

The Darling Daisy Dress is a sweet spring dress! Please weather, get warm faster so that I can wear this dress!

PB&J’s own, Kayla, with her favorite–our brand new romper! Be sure to check online soon for this adorable outfit!

The Plum Flower Crown adds fun to any look! PB&J also has many other head wraps in all styles and colors!

My morning is not complete without a delicious cup of coffee!

That’s it for this week’s Friday Favorites! Be sure to comment on this post and tell us which ones are your favorites. We love to hear from you lovelies!

Have a great rest of your day!


Fashion From The Oscars

I wish I had fancy events to attend where I sit next to Jennifer Lawrence and wear beautiful ball gowns while the paparazzi takes photos of us laughing because we are best friends. Unfortunately, my weekend consisted of eating chips and salsa while watching The Oscars on my couch at home. A bit less glamorous than I had dreamed of, but nevertheless, Oscars night is something I look forward to every year. The stars really outdid themselves this time and everyone looked stunning! Here is a gallery of some of my favorite looks from the elegant night.

Not attending The Oscars anytime soon? Then, you probably aren’t in need of a regal ball gown, but that doesn’t mean that you can dress like a superstar! Here are some more casual looks from PB&J Boutique that don’t have to be worn on the red carpet!

Dress 1/ Dress 2/ Dress 3/ Dress 4/ Dress 5

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!


Dressing for the Weather

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Tuesday to all of you! PB&J Boutique is located in Northern California, and I don’t know about where you live, but here we have been having some weird weather. One day it is sunny and hot (like today!) and the next it is pouring rain and gloomy! On these beautiful, hot days, I get so used to wearing shorts and tank tops that when the cold rolls in, I feel completely lost. One thing that can help you dress for the weather is layering your clothes. This way, if it gets warm, you can just take off your jacket and feel more comfortable in just a long sleeve shirt. This blog is all about how to dress for those days when wearing that cami is just impossible. Take a look at some adorable, yet warm pieces that are all available at PB&J!

Irene Coat/ Sunshine After Rain Jacket

Big Sur Hoodie/ Tiered Terry Jacket

Leather Cuff Sip Top/ Kendra Blue Purple

Praying for Rain  /Black Paisley Rain Boot

P.S. These boots are only $20.00 at PB&J! Get them before they are gone!

Rock and Roll Blazer/ Pepper Blazer

Blazers are the perfect way to keep a dressed-up looking outfit, but still keep a stylish look!

These outfits are sure to keep you warm in these chilly months, but another thing that can help is always some hot chocolate–and don’t forget the whipped cream!

Have a great Tuesday and stay warm!


Nightlife Looks

Some of the ladies of PB&J have traveled to Las Vegas to go shopping for great new brands for the boutique! In honor of their Vegas adventures I thought it would be fun to post about some outfits that would be perfect for going out on the town and enjoying that wonderful nightlife! Even though it’s only Wednesday, take a look at some great pieces that are great for the weekend!

Dress 1/ Dress 2/ Dress 3

Dress 1/ Dress 2/Dress 3/ Dress 4

Top 1/ Top 2/ Top 3

All of these outfits are available at PB&J Boutique! Hopefully they have helped you decide on that perfect outfit for the weekend! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, it’s almost Friday!

Thanks for reading!