brunch… because mimosas

I love to go to brunch on the weekends. I think my favorite part is that I can basically have desert for breakfast! I usually try to start my day very healthy: I’m an egg white scramble and fresh fruit kind of girl but when it comes to brunch… I like to order something sweet and sugary.


Perfect brunch tee shirt!
Perfect brunch tee shirt! Waffles and Champagne tee made by Blue Jeans White Shirt.

Here in Chico, CA we have a ton of breakfast/brunch options. If you don’t get up early you will most likely have a long wait. Some of our favorite brunch spots in Chico are Sin of Cortez, Cafe Coda, Nash’s and Morning Thunder. A few of these places have unlimited mimosa bars, which sounds delicious. I think Brunch attire is best casual. I have picked out a few of my favorite tee shirts and sweater/jackets to keep  you looking effortlessly cool at brunch. After all brunch is usually a time when you don’t want to spend a ton of time to get ready.

More perfect Brunch Tees! top left to right:,,, bottom left to right:,
More perfect Brunch Tees! top left to right:, I Love You Tourist Crewneck Tee , Weekend Walk of Shame Tee , Janes To Do List Tee , The Raven


Perfect pieces to throw on when heading out the door! top:,, Bottom:,
Perfect pieces to throw on when heading out the door! top: Girlfriend Cardigan, Ryder Jacket  ,  Sweater Weather , Heather Grey Peplum Hoodie

You can of course avoid the long wait for brunch and make your own. Pancakes are pretty quick and easy to make. Today I’m sharing  my fluffy pancake recipe! Slightly sweet so you can enjoy them with or without maple syrup. I love to add fresh fruit on top when serving.  Enjoy!


Happy Brunching!