Beijo Brasil

Beijo Brasil; the first accessories PB&J took online last spring. And before we knew it, spring is around the corner again! Beijo Brasil’s product lines focus on birds, butterfiles,  famous landmarks and beautiful patterns.  A picture speaks a thousand words, so why not four:

 Beijo Brasil Red Tipped Wing Butterfly Necklace Beijo Brasil All Flowers Bracelet
Beijo Brasil Red Tipped Wing Butterfly Necklace Beijo Brasil All Flowers Bracelet
Beijo Brasil Red Blossom Earrings Beijo Brasil Eiffel Tower Necklace
Beijo Brasil Red Blossom Earrings Beijo Brasil Eiffel Tower Necklace

We have a wide selection of Beijo Brasil jewelry in stock and we hope you will stop by to take a look! All of Beijo Brasil products are hand made in the U.S.A.

A Little Shopping Trip to Cecilie Melli

Over the holidays while visiting our family in Norway we took the opportunity to do some shopping in the beautiful city of Oslo. We bundled up and headed out in the below freezing temperatures to Karl Johan Street which is one of the main shopping areas in Oslo.

You can stroll the snow covered streets and do a bit of shopping or visit the Royal Palace which sits pearched over looking the city.

While heading down a side street we stumbled upon a wonderful shop called Cecilie Melli which has a 1950’s vintage style. We walked in to discover a variety of hand knit sweaters adorned with unique buttons. All of the sweaters are made of 100% Norwegian wool and made in a small factory in Northern Norway.

Along with the sweaters Cecilie Melli also makes darling clutches & gorgeous jewelry made of glass and Swarovski crystals.

Tusen Takk Cecilie Melli! We were delighted to find such a lovely shop and hope to see you in the States soon!

Casual Clothing: Winter Sample

The combination of staying warm and casual stylish is tricky. The warm stuff typically do just that: warm you up. Here in California we experience “winter” in terms of overcast skies and rain. So, its either a nice coat or pretend like it is still fall and bring your umbrella.

Casual Coats and Winter

From the left, Green Dragon Paisley Embroidered Coat with the Poetic Licence Femininity High Heel Boots. On the right, Mystree Bead Trim Detail Cardigan (more Mystree) and the Poetic Licence Pop Star High Heels.

New Blog & New Stuff :)

Welcome to Casual Clothing!

In the past years, while building and developing our online store ( we have been fortunate to have been featured in several fashion blogs through reviews, contests and giveaways. Now it is time to create something on our own to feature our own casual clothing fashion, a couple of insights on how it is to run an online store and other things we might add into the mix.

We actually thought about changing the store’s URL to since it fits somewhat better into what we actually offer. But then, the “” brand has cemented itself among our customer base, and we actually love that name and URL. So here you go, blog.

For those of you who aspire to create an online venture of any kind you will soon find out that attracting traffic is a task just as sizable as creating the online site itself. In a nutshell, you need links going to your website so people will check out your content or you need the big search engines to take you seriously enough to give you a decent ranking when the general public search for stuff that you sell, blog about or cover in any shape or form. In fact, those two goes together, but more about that another day.

At the time of writing this piece, we have neither links to our blog or been around long enough for the search engines to pick us up properly, perhaps a couple of visitors a day max. That will change over time as we get into the blogging community, but in the mean time, we would like to show off some of our newest stuff. We just added some accessories and we thought the first visitor to reply to any of our posts would get any one of the posted items for free! That’s right, free stuff! Simply be the first person to post a response to this post and you get to pick any of the items listed here sent to you at no charge. World-wide contest. The only footnote here is that your item might have sold out, so be prepared to select a secondary if that is the case.

Check out our new items here For the items selected for the contest, these items are about staying warm & stylish at the same time:

Rain Boots…it is wet outside, but it doesn’t mean that you have to wear those boots you inherited from your 2nd cousin:

Black and White Floral Rain Boot
Black and White Floral Rain Boot

Another one (we have more options too):
Paisley Black Rain Boot

Or maybe a cute hat:
Brown Tweed Hat
Brown Tweed Hat

Headbands are great:

Crochet Headband

In case your hands might freeze:

Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless gloves

EDIT: We got a winner!

Thanks for finding us!