Grayc Glass Collaboration

Hello there! We wanted to share our collaboration with jewelry designer, Courtney Gray, from Grayc Glass. Courtney is a glass artist based here in Chico, California where she hand makes all of her amazing pieces. Her individually hand made fused glass, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and wall stones are all uniquely stunning. We love how Courtney has a variety of simple pieces for everyday but also has gorgeous statement pieces for any occasion.

Here’s some of our favorite looks from our collaboration with the wonderful Grayc Glass. 26647998_10154931971937016_1303159494_n

Model is wearing our Shadow Peplum blouse by Bella Dahl. Also, the Sierra Necklace and Diana Earrings made by Grayc Glass.

Shop the blouse here. Shop the necklace here. Shop the earrings here.


We love the simplicity of this look with silver jewelry and a gray-blue colored blouse. Featuring the Feather Earrings in Swirly Grey and Double Circle Necklace.

Shop the earrings here. Shop the necklace here.


This boho outfit consists of our Lavender Boho Dress paired with a Lace Cami. We love pairing a denim jacket with our dresses for cooler months. Shop our favorite denim jackets here and here.

The jewels featured in this gorgeous look are the Swag Necklace White RoseSterling Silver Disk Necklace, and Dangle Earrings Swirly White.



This casual, everyday look features our Oatmeal Layered Sweater along with the Camina Necklace Grey by Grayc Glass.

Be sure to stop by Grayc Glass’ website to shop the entire collection. For you local Chicoans, you can shop her beautiful jewels at Made In Chico!

Photos by Marianna Chambard Photography

Thanks for reading~



Feeling Lucky this Saint Patrick’s Day


Hello there! It’s crazy to think that we are already half way through the month of March. This year seems to be flying by. Saint Patrick’s day is here and it’s important to be prepared so you don’t get pinched! Different shades of green are pouring into our store this season and we would love to share with you how to wear them.

BeFunky Collage3

For a more casual look we have paired together a fun pair of Green Skinny Cargo pants that are just perfect for the holiday! With a simple white off the shoulder top, the jeans will be sure to give you a pop of green showing your Saint Patrick’s Day spirit.

BeFunky Collage2

Another one of our favorite green tops is the Muse Key Hole Tie Top by Blue Life. It’s rich color really stands out with the Omaha Necklace. A simple pair of dark wash jeans and our Neptune sandals really bring this outfit all together.

BeFunky Collage1

If you’re planning on having a date night this holiday, the Castilla Ruffle Dress is the perfect combination of fun and sophisticated. This dress can be worn simply on its own or with a pair of skinnies. Throw on our new olive green Party Up Suede heel and the Plum Teardrop Druse Necklace to really complete the look.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe Saint Patrick’s Day!

-The Ladies of PB&J Boutique

Blogger Beauties

Over the past couple of months we have had the honor to work with so many talented bloggers! Each and every one of them has a unique style that we found to be a perfect fit to feature a variety of products from PB&J. Here are a few of our favorite items styled on blogs across the USA as well as links to view the full blog story!

Tazia Lynne


Tazia Lynne did a wonderful job styling the Eyelet Denim Blouse paired with the Farah High Rise Wide Leg Jeans. In her blog she states that this is the perfect outfit for summer weather in St. George. Tazia1

See more pictures featuring Tazia Lynne in this chic outfit at

Posh By Kat


Posh by Kat had a very unique take on the Lilac Dreams Tunic! Throughout her blog post she makes it clear that she isn’t going to limit herself to maternity clothes! Being 35 weeks pregnant,  and looking beautiful we might add, she is finding it hard to find fashionable clothing that fit. On her  blog  she has linked “More Maternity-friendly picks” from PB&J.


Read the full story at Posh by Kat.

Blondie In The City

Blondie1Hayley Geer is behind the oh so fabulous Blondie in the City blog. Hayley is currently living in Los Angeles and pursuing her dream of being a professional dancer! We love how Hayley styled the Ties and Tye Dye Kimono  in a fun boho vibe way!


Be sure to check out Blondie in the City.


cu1Cuppajyo is a sweet blog created by Jyo that hits on the topics of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Jyo lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA and with the help of her husband’s photography was able to create this wonderful blog! We really love the bohemian style found on Cuppajyo and knew that it was a perfect match with our boutique!
cu2Stop by Cuppajyo and see how Jyo wore the Open Shoulder Romper!

Sequins At Breakfast


Sequins at Breakfast is a must to check out! Created by Laura Mueseler, this blog is based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. Sequins at Breakfast is all about fashion, food, and decor. We love Laura’s chic style and how she puts together a variety of different outfits! Laura styled the Sani Culotte and the Forward Wedge with such ease and grace!

pb1We also had the opportunity to have Laura style the Caravan Top. Sequins at Breakfast is a great site to visit, you don’t want to miss out!

Sparkles Of Style

Last but certainly not least, we have Sparkles of Style created by Alitzah. She does an outstanding job putting together such a sophisticated yet fun look wearing the Olive Tulle Skirt. Alitzah creates outfits that are mature and can be worn in the work field while having a girly touch at the same time. Make sure to check out Sparkles of Style!

We hope all of these outfit ideas inspire you to create some of your own!

Happy Shopping!!

~The Ladies of PB&J Boutique

Summer Glow

Growing up in California as a swimmer meant that I was tan all year round. When I stopped my swimming career, my luscious golden glow began wearing off, so I began to find other ways to help me get my color back without having to be at the pool everyday. With summer right around the corner, I am starting to work on achieving my perfect color.

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 1.51.32 PM

I understand the risks of laying in a tanning bed, so I find different ways to tan without going to a tanning salon. Here are some great ways to acquire the color you desire safely:

Spray Tan: One of my great friends who works as a spray tanner at a local salon has given me some great tips on how to make a spray tan last and look it’s best. It is very important not to go near water for the amount of time that you are instructed because it can cause your tan to turn out uneven. Also, before you go in for your spray, be sure to exfoliate your body so that the tanning solution can stick to you better.

Tanning Lotion: This is probably one of my favorite methods to use in order to get my desired glow. For me, tanning lotion doesn’t last too long, but it is super easy to reapply when you need more color. I love using the tanning lotion from Victoria’s Secret because I feel that it has the best coverage. I just recommend washing your hands after you use it to avoid awkward coloring.Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 3.42.56 PM

Tanning Gel: In my experience, the coverage with the tanning gel has not been as substantial as a tanning lotion, but when I don’t want a super dark tan, it just gives me a nice glow. However, like tanning lotion, make sure to wash your hands when you are done!

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 3.54.53 PMAt-Home Spray Tan: Spraying yourself with a can from the drug store is super convenient. I think that it gives me the most coverage and it is great to coverup scars and discolorations. My only recommendation would be to watch out for color wearing off onto your clothing and your sheets. It is great for a day wear, but I would shower before bed.

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 3.37.37 PMWith all of these methods, it is important to remember to exfoliate before using the products because it helps your tan last longer. There are so many ways to tan safely, so if you have any other methods or tips, please feel free to share!


Spring Cleaning- Makeup Brushes


Today’s post serves as a reminder that with the changing seasons, comes routine cleaning. I have compiled a list of the best tips for cleaning your makeup brushes. The criteria I used to determine the recommendations were products that received the best reviews on multiple sites and the top tips from the beauty industries most successful bloggers. The top tip is to clean your brushes once a month.


Cleaning Products

BareMinerals Well Cared For Conditioning Shampoo for Make-Up Brushes $14

Mac Brush Cleaner $15

Estee Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser $16



1. Wet the brush with warm water, and be careful to not immerse the base of the brush under water.

2. Place a pea size amount of cleanser into a small dish and swirl the brush around.

3. Rinse with warm water.

4. Disinfect. Make a vinegar mixture by placing a small amount of vinegar and 2x water in a small dish and swirl the brush hairs around.

4. Gently squeeze water and vinegar from the bristles.

5. Use a lint-free clothe to remove additional moisture.


Happy cleaning!


On the Move

Hi there, Brittany and Laura here! We are so thrilled to be taking over PB&J Boutique’s blog while

‘On the Move’!

As for a little groundwork about us….

Laura began here career in fashion with PB&J Boutique while in college. Thankful she did, as she discovered her passion and continues in the industry today! Brittany is a Cosmetologist specializing in celebrity and editorial makeup. Together, they made an exciting move to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. Upon our move, we teamed with with PB&J Boutique to document our monthly must-haves paired with our favorite seasonal make-up trends.

Today’s winter look is comfy, casual and chic while the make-up dresses it up for that added holiday glow!

PS- Make sure you don’t miss the link to the tutorial 🙂

mu 2laura make up 1

Learn how to get the look, see the link below:

Soft Holiday Make Up Tutorial

Brit 1


brit heart

Laura 2


Get the look here:

Laura: Dress / Boots / Necklace / Ring

Brittany: Sweater(similar) / Denim / Boots / Necklace

Stay tuned #prettynpbj


Nail Talk: Essie’s Collection


The changing of seasons calls for a polish revamp. Just like sweaters need to be rotated, so does polish. It is so easy to grab the same color over and over. I wanted to share a few favorites from Essie’s Collection.

The first, Bikini So Teeny is an adorable cornflower blue. I saw this color all over the runway this season. Designers from Elie Saab who incorporated it into beaded dresses, to Ralph Lauren who did several suit separates. This color is everywhere! It is a bright baby blue, which can seem more of a spring color, however, when paired with greys and jewel tones it translates to an edgy winter color. I wore this color with a Rails button down and paired it with grey pants and the Fleece Funnel Jacket by Heather. I finally broke out of my comfort zone of pinks and embraced the blue. I feared that this polish would take several coats due to the light color. However, two coats did it. The first application gave a light blue coat with small sparkles. On the second coat, the color was much darker and the sparkles were very subtle.

The next, Penny talk is a shimmering copper metallic. I love the idea of incorporating metallics into an ensemble. The color is a fresh, sophisticated alternative to chunky sparkle polishes. My favorite thing about this color is only one coat is needed! Great, for last minute touch ups before heading out the door. I find the copper color play Continue reading Nail Talk: Essie’s Collection

Hair to do!

Some days I honestly feel like my hair looks like this:

Being a gal with the curly unruly hair I look to my Sister for her hair-do knowledge. She runs a darling boutique salon in Reno, NV called The Hair Lounge, check them out here:  Like most girls I am always looking for fun and different ways to wear my hair. I have had my hair short off and on, but I have been sporting the long locks for the past couple of years and find more versatility in how I can wear it. My Sister always is able to point me in the right direction to wear my hair curly or straight as can be. A few of my favorite products that she has told me about for straight hair are:


Love me some Moroccan Oil!

After washing my hair and before blow drying I use the Moroccan Oil which makes my hair stronger, shinier, and simply more healthy with all the heat elements I use on my head.


Next I use the Salon Technology flat iron. It’s what my Sis uses in her salon and I like having the option of the heat setting. If you are looking for a new flat iron you can find one here:


To finish off the straight hair look I use the Moroccan Oil Hair Spray. I love the soft finish that it adds to my hair along with the fabulous scent.

Happy hair styling!








Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year! PB&J would like to thank you for shopping with us and we are excited about the joy 2013 will bring.

We all start out the new year with at least one resolution. I have had trouble in the past sticking to more than one of my resolutions. However, this year I am excited and eager to follow through. I believe it is very important to my overall health.

My resolution is to spoil my skin!

Our skin is our largest organ and I have abused it in the past by not drinking enough water, not washing my face before bed, and using products with harsh chemicals. I want my skin to reflect the overall health of my body. I have planned a few tools that I will use to help change my behavior.

Here they are:

1. Infuse water with citrus fruits and keep a pitcher in my refrigerator.

-To make it tasty and quick to drink water.

2. Use the Clarisonic Mia at night.

-To remove impurities and restore skin.

3. Use Jane Iredale mineral makeup products, and abandon  all beauty products that have fillers and harsh chemicals.

-To promote a more natural healthy beauty.

Cheers to putting our best skin forward in 2013. Great skin is the perfect accessory.


A Few Winter Necessities

Forecaster’s show more cold weather!

I love all winter activities! Whether it means hitting the slopes, hunting for a tree, or going ice skating.  Unfortunately, my hands are exposed to the cold weather. Cold weather can destroy the look and appearance of my hands. When I do not have the pleasure of doing fun winter activities I go about my daily tasks that include; attending school, getting gas, and grocery shopping. These tasks require me to use ample amounts of hand sanitizer to fight against bugs. Both cold weather and hand sanitizer leave my hands dry.

Many creams promise great results, but many fall short. I wanted to share with you three of my favorite creams that give my hands much needed moisture.

1 Archipelago Oat Milk Hand Cream $18.00

This cream is scent free. Which would make it versatile gift. It contains oat protein and aloe that leave my hands non-greasy.

2. Archipelago Pomegranate Body Butter $ 30.00

I love this product because it smells amazing! The formula contains enzyme boosters which detoxify and promote soft and healthy skin. It has a citrus sent that is not too sweet. I receive many compliments when I use this cream.

3. The Healthy Body Butter Pure Vanilla $10.00

Made by LaVanila, this body butter is all natural. It contains no harmful parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic Dyes, or sulfates. This cream is very thick and gives me immediate results. It contains Shea and Coco butter. Another perk is LaVanila does not use animal testing.

These products help protect my hands, and make me confident to show off my favorite jewels.