Labor Day Popsicle Fun

Labor day weekend is here! The holiday that truly marks the end of summer. Thankfully this weekend we will be having some nice weather here in Chico, California. We found these cute, easy, and delicious popsicles to make to make your holiday weekend a little bit more sweet!

To begin, you will need a few different types of fruit. I chose kiwi’s, strawberries, and blueberries because of their vibrant colors that compliment each other so well. Next, you will need either coconut water or lemonade to hold the fruit in place. Lastly, you’ll have to get some sort of popsicle mold to put everything into (I found these at CVS in the bargain section)!


It’s important to chop the fruit up finely so that you can make sure to fit it into the mold. The blueberries are small enough that you can just keep them whole.


For the fun part, mix and match the different assortments of fruit that you want to put together! I loved making each and everyone different so that they were all unique. I must say I really enjoyed the look of the kiwi fruit.


Next, pour the coconut water into the molds and then place the handles on to the top.


Place the popsicles in the freezer for about 5 hours or until completely frozen.


I just love how they turned out! And to my surprise they just slipped right out of the mold with no problem.


Not to mention, they were super yummy too! Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend full of fun and tasty treats!

Thank you Santa Barbra Life and Style magazine for the great idea! (May/June 2016 issue page 87)



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