3 Refreshing Sips

We stay away from soda in this house so I like to get creative with fun drinks; I have put together a great line up of homemade refreshing drinks to keep you well hydrated!


Infused water

We all know the benefits of drinking enough water: good for your skin, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, reduces bloating, keeps you from getting sick…. and the list goes on. I personally try to get at least 64 oz of water a day. That’s a lot! But I really do feel better when I’m well hydrated, and as everyone knows, water can get boring. My solution? Infused water! I first saw this trend pop up on Pinterest years ago, but hadn’t tried it until recently. My favorite combo is strawberries and lemon. It is important to use ripe fruit. If a blueberry is sour, the water will take on that sour flavor. Flavor combination ideas below; the options are really endless!


First rinse your fruit and herbs.


Pierce blueberries and raspberries with a knife before adding them to the water to bring out their full flavor. With herbs, give them a little twist to release their natural oils.


Then add your water. I find it is best to infuse the water overnight but no more than 12 hours. The fruit gets a little mushy if left in the water too long. Easy and delicious!



Infused Iced Tea

Iced tea is very refreshing, but It can also get boring. By adding fresh fruit to your freshly brewed iced tea, you can really spice it up! I love to add oranges to my iced tea. You can get creative with peaches, strawberries, mint, and just about any other fruit/herb combination. It also looks super pretty. Good way to impress your friends 😉


Basil Jalapeno Lemonade

Finally, fresh home made lemonade is the best! Super refreshing and perfect on a hot day. I usually don’t like lemonade, but this recipe is the exception. The jalapeno’s first lured me in; I love anything spicy! The original recipe I found had a million steps and you had to let the simple syrup sit overnight, but I like things quick and easy so I made it my own way and it turned out great!


First you make simple syrup by adding 1 1/2 cups of sugar to 2 cups of hot water. Then tear the basil leaves in 1/2 and add them. Microwave for 4 minutes to infuse the basil and melt the sugar. Add your lemon juice, sparkling water, ice and jalapenos. Refreshing with a kick! You could easily make this mock-tail a cocktail by adding some jalapeno vodka or citrus rum.


I hope you enjoy these recipes, and cheers!




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