Beach Hair and Tanlines in Santa Monica

Hey there!

While Chico is one of the most amazing places to live, I was born and raised in Southern California. This weekend I was able to take a trip to one of my favorite spots in the whole world, Santa Monica, California. It is no wonder why this amazing place is a top tourist destination. The day was hot with a nice breeze, creating the perfect temperature for laying out on the beach and working on a great tan.

IMG_8146I found the perfect beach outfit for walking around the world famous Santa Monica Pier after I received a lovely sunburn from my attempt at tanning. IMG_8129  IMG_8125 Patterned shorts are all the rage this season. Not only do they look absolutely adorable, but they are just so comfortable. A total win-win!

IMG_8134The shorts that I’m wearing are called the Malena Shorts and they are available at PB&J Boutique. (The pattern of the shorts is also available in pants. Check them out here!)

IMG_8131While I have so many clothes in my closet, I tend to only wear the same few articles of clothing. The shirt that I am wearing is one of those pieces. It is so versatile because it goes with just about everything I have. The shirt is also available at PB&J and it is called the Twine Top by the brand Odd Molly.

IMG_8149And of course, what kind of beach day would it be without gorgeous friends. Santa Monica is the perfect getaway for me. If you haven’t been, I highly suggest visiting this summer. Just please make sure to wear sunscreen 🙂


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