Ride Along

It’s a beautiful Tuesday here in Northern California. A little hot, yes, but that never stops us from finding the cutest summer clothes. We are loving the Bohemian look this season at PB&J Boutique and one of our favorite new arrivals is the Daisy Strapped Jumper by Knot Sisters. (The Romper will be available online soon!)

IMG_8532We mixed up the look a little bit by adding the Sexy Jailbird striped undershirt for a little pattern play. The undershirt looks great with the romper because of the low back.

IMG_8543IMG_8542IMG_8553And of course, no look is ever complete without some awesome accessories. Kayla is wearing the Cross Ring, Double Ring, Infinity Ring, and the Knot Ring by our new brand London Manori.IMG_8559IMG_8540

IMG_8556 She is also wearing the Periwinkle Beaded Bracelet, Black Beaded Bracelet, and the Turquoise Beaded Bracelet by the brand Lenny and Eva. The watch is called Austin Black Watch.

IMG_8551It seems like all the rage this season are head wraps whether they are made of leather, flowers, or ribbons. The Daisy Flower Crown is just the cutest little head band!

IMG_8534So while the weather may be hot, the clothes can still be chill. Be sure to check back for more new summer arrivals from PB&J. I hope you all had a very Happy Memorial Day and have a great week ahead of you!


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