Get The Look: Music Festivals

It seems like music festivals are all the rage right now! As soon as the lineup is released, people raced to get tickets and find the perfect outfits for the weekend. No matter which one you are going to or where it’s located, the clothes you wear are always a super fun part. So, it’s time to put on the patterned shorts, flower headbands and get ready for all of the excitement to come. PB&J Boutique put together some festival inspired looks for you to check out for inspiration!

Peplum Paradise/ South By Southwest Shorts/ Flower Crown-Plum

Aries Kimono/ Meow Dreamer Tank/ Grayscale Lace

Twine Top/ Shorts: Coming Soon!/ Daisy Flower Crown

At the festivals, it’s all about the head wraps! Take a look at all the different wraps that PB&J has in stock online now!

Coachella Flower Crown/ Flower Bun Wrap/ Flower Crown-Plum/ Kairo Headband/ Daisy Flower Crown

If you are going to a music festival, comment below and tell us which one and which piece is your favorite! We hope these clothes give you a little inspiration on what to wear! Have a great time!


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