Dressing for the Weather

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Tuesday to all of you! PB&J Boutique is located in Northern California, and I don’t know about where you live, but here we have been having some weird weather. One day it is sunny and hot (like today!) and the next it is pouring rain and gloomy! On these beautiful, hot days, I get so used to wearing shorts and tank tops that when the cold rolls in, I feel completely lost. One thing that can help you dress for the weather is layering your clothes. This way, if it gets warm, you can just take off your jacket and feel more comfortable in just a long sleeve shirt. This blog is all about how to dress for those days when wearing that cami is just impossible. Take a look at some adorable, yet warm pieces that are all available at PB&J!

Irene Coat/ Sunshine After Rain Jacket

Big Sur Hoodie/ Tiered Terry Jacket

Leather Cuff Sip Top/ Kendra Blue Purple

Praying for Rain  /Black Paisley Rain Boot

P.S. These boots are only $20.00 at PB&J! Get them before they are gone!

Rock and Roll Blazer/ Pepper Blazer

Blazers are the perfect way to keep a dressed-up looking outfit, but still keep a stylish look!

These outfits are sure to keep you warm in these chilly months, but another thing that can help is always some hot chocolate–and don’t forget the whipped cream!

Have a great Tuesday and stay warm!


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