Famous Fashion- Dress Like A Celebrity

I think my favorite part about reading gossip magazines or fashion magazines is seeing the pictures of celebrities and their beautiful outfits. I feel like the celebs always know what the next hit trend is going to be and they can make any outfit look hip.

As the weather is getting colder outside and I am sadly starting to put away my shorts and flip flops, I have started finding my favorite pieces that celebs are wearing this season. I matched some of the cutest items to similar items from PB&J Boutique, take a look!

Pleated Faux Leather Skirt-PB&J Boutique

These pleated leather skirts look so chic and fabulous, I am so excited to have a reason to wear a skirt during the colder months!

Infinity Scarf-PB&J Boutique

I don’t think it’s possible to have too many scarves, because they can go with almost any outfit!

Brown Faux Leather Jacket-PB&J Boutique

A great autumn color on a classic jacket!

Trench Coat-PB&J Boutique

To me, trench coats always have a mysterious and super classy look! Emma Watson is rocking hers!

Sequin Skirt-PB&J Boutique

Sequin skirts, can there be anything more perfect than this?

Black Faux Leather Jacket-PB&J Boutique

So sophisticated and so classic. A black leather jacket is an essential for any closet.

I hope you loved these celebrity looks for the season and the matching pieces from PB&J Boutique. Please comment below and tell us who your celebrity fashion icon is! We love to hear from you!

Have an amazing rest of your week!


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