All New Odd Molly

We are loving our new arrivals from the fabulous brand Odd Molly! These new looks are great for summer and can be worn for the coming fall season. The red, ivory and deep blue are all new, fun colors we can’t wait to wear. We just can’t get over this jean jacket and Shibori Skirt. The print on the back of the jean jacket adds some flare to a wardrobe favorite. And we are sure that this skirt will stand out from the rest of your clothes. The dye, the crochet, the lace. I could go on. Odd Molly never fails to amaze us with their beautiful clothing. Check out more lovely Odd Molly pieces here. Which item is your favorite?

1. Manbait Busarong

2. Manbait Sleeveless Blouse

3. Stripe Remix Blouse

4. Kajsa Jacket

5. Shibori Skirt


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