PB&J goes to Coachella

Coachella, an anual music festival, is said to be California’s version of New York Fashion Week. It spreads over 2 weekends with 60+ bands. With all the hype, the PB&J team spontaneously decided to make the 596 mile journey to check it out for ourselves. And boy did it exceed all expectations!!! The entire festival had a free spirited and vintage chic vibe, with so much to take in for us first-timers. We spent the days par-oozing, dancing and simply enjoying all that Coachella had to offer. From various Indie and Rock bands to the amazing vintage style of the festival goers, we soaked it all in with bright eyes and open arms.

Fashion was so much a part of this event and it was truly amazing to see first hand. As for me, pictured in the middle, I opted for a casual-chic look and wore a Rachel Pally  jumpsuit. I wanted to be comfortable wearing something that was light and not restricting, and I was so happy with the result! Claire, on the right, is sporting our adorable Black Tulle skirt paired with a vintage muscle T printed with our PB&J logo. Kayla, on the left, is wearing black, high waisted cut-offs as well as a vintage muscle T.

We loaded up with tons of accessories and had custom PB&J hair bands made that we passed out along the way! We were loving the fun, leather Karen Kell pieces, so perfect for an event of this nature.

There were so many incredible shows, but some of our favorites included: Benny Benassi, The Postal Service, The XX, and Phoenix. For us fun-loving music lovers, Coachella turned out to be an amazing experience and is something that we look forward to in the years to come! Feel free to comment with your favorite Coachella trends, experiences and everything in-between!

Thanks for reading! Cheers, Laura

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