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Trends seem to bombard the individual. Through out daily life we are educated on what we need to be wearing to look great. Let’s start the day with the Today Show if you caught the last style segment they were quick to tell you the new spring color is, “Lemon Zest.” As the day continues by opening a magazine while waiting in line at the super market different patterns, colors, and cuts are shown as the latest “it” pieces.

“I think to myself how is that ever going to look good on me.”

It is hard to incorporate the newest obsession. Bright skinny jeans are hard to pull off. However, I have found a few tools that I have picked up working in the trade that are perfect ways to use trends and still flatter your shape. We all have that one aspect of our body that we do not exude confidence. Here are a few tips that I have found make me stand a little taller and smile wider.

Here are the secrets:

1.) It’s what lies beneath the surface.

Wear the correct undergarments ladies! It makes all the difference if you get your correct bra size. It allows the seams in your shirt to lay in the correct places. For pieces that are sheer or thin and need more coverage pair it with a lace cami. This will smooth out any problem areas, and will frame your shirt with beautiful lace trim.

2.) Find your stomping ground.

Heels are miracle workers!

Selecting the correct heel can accentuate your body, or potentially play against you.

Here are the rules.


Memories of You by Seychelles

Click here to find










*This shoe works great with wide leg jeans.

The proportion of the wide leg needs a shoe with

greater width to keep the eye going straight down.

A stiletto would draw the eye in making your leg look

bigger than it is.

Strapless Pumps

Feel the Rhythm by Poetic License

Click here to find

*This shoe works well with dresses and skirts.

There is no strap creating an obstruction

to the eye. The result is your leg looking

a mile long!

3.) Don’t waist time.

The last key is to simply find the right jean. Sounds so easy. I know that it is not. I have spent hours in the dressing room myself. However, I am going to provide you with the most universally flattering jean.

Lennox Pant by Makers

click here to find

*The key is to go for a dark wash without distressing. This lengths the body and is very slimming. Instantly creates the illusion of looking 10 pounds lighter. Clothes are similar to dancing, it is all about creating beautiful lines. The boot cut hugs hips and falls straight down to a pair of cute wedges. Super model alert! The Lennox Pant is complete with a medium rise that covers any problem areas around the waist.

Then to incorporate the flattering Peplum trend you can pair it with our Lace Peplum found here.

These three simple tools can help you achieve any trend and walk confidently into any room.

Good luck,



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