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Good evening, friends! The gals of PB&J recently went to beautiful Lake Tahoe to shoot photos for the front page of our website! We all had a wonderful time and it was a successful trip to say the least. We shot two different looks; one having a very layered, bohemian vibe, while the other a more sophisticated, glamorous look. We have shot numerous times, however, this last session was very unique and special. There is something about Tahoe that is so charming and romanic. The crisp air, snow weighing the tree branches, pristine lake views, and fairytale sunsets. And among all the beauty, I do feel that we really captured that essence in both of the looks. The photos will be up on the site soon, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Here is a shot of the hotel that we stayed, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe, and the beautiful dock where we captured some incredible photos!

Having this recent trip to Lake Tahoe fresh on my mind, I have been enamored by fashion editorials and various photo-shoot concepts. Although PB&J Boutique prides itself for carrying very wearable collections, it is fun to par-ooze though high fashion editorials. I have grown to truly appreciate each photo, knowing that a single shot is captured not only from the photographer and model, but the stylist, make-up artist so on so forth.

I hope you enjoy, as this is a collection of some of my favorite looks to date! Cheers!


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Wishing you a wonderful and inspired week,



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