Underneath it All

When it comes to the clothes we wear, it is so easy to get caught up picking out the perfect outfit that we tend to forget about the importance of what goes underneath. The basics. In my opinion this layer of clothing is just as necessary as all the rest and can truly make or break an outfit. Wearing a simple tank can be extremely versatile and worn with several outfits.

These two tank tops are perfect for an undershirt or a piece that can be easily layered over. The Lace Cami is a great undergarment for when for shirts that need a little something under them. And the lace adds the perfect amount of elegance.

Another important basic are slips! Whenever a dress is a bit short or you want to go for a more modest look, a slip can definitely do the trick.

 The first slip can add some length to any dress with a touch a lace. It’s longer length can also come in handy when you want to make a short dress a little more reserved. The second slip is lined with tulle ruffles and will be sure to add some major flare to a skirt or dress. This slip can also do the job at adding some edge to any plain and simple dress.

To nail the perfect outfit it is always essential to not forget the basics. They are key pieces in anyones wardrobe and can sure come in handy when trying to put together a flawless outfit. All of these must have items can be found in our Basics section at www.pbj-shop.com.

Happy Shopping!


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