Hair to do!

Some days I honestly feel like my hair looks like this:

Being a gal with the curly unruly hair I look to my Sister for her hair-do knowledge. She runs a darling boutique salon in Reno, NV called The Hair Lounge, check them out here:  Like most girls I am always looking for fun and different ways to wear my hair. I have had my hair short off and on, but I have been sporting the long locks for the past couple of years and find more versatility in how I can wear it. My Sister always is able to point me in the right direction to wear my hair curly or straight as can be. A few of my favorite products that she has told me about for straight hair are:


Love me some Moroccan Oil!

After washing my hair and before blow drying I use the Moroccan Oil which makes my hair stronger, shinier, and simply more healthy with all the heat elements I use on my head.


Next I use the Salon Technology flat iron. It’s what my Sis uses in her salon and I like having the option of the heat setting. If you are looking for a new flat iron you can find one here:


To finish off the straight hair look I use the Moroccan Oil Hair Spray. I love the soft finish that it adds to my hair along with the fabulous scent.

Happy hair styling!








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