Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year! PB&J would like to thank you for shopping with us and we are excited about the joy 2013 will bring.

We all start out the new year with at least one resolution. I have had trouble in the past sticking to more than one of my resolutions. However, this year I am excited and eager to follow through. I believe it is very important to my overall health.

My resolution is to spoil my skin!

Our skin is our largest organ and I have abused it in the past by not drinking enough water, not washing my face before bed, and using products with harsh chemicals. I want my skin to reflect the overall health of my body. I have planned a few tools that I will use to help change my behavior.

Here they are:

1. Infuse water with citrus fruits and keep a pitcher in my refrigerator.

-To make it tasty and quick to drink water.

2. Use the Clarisonic Mia at night.

-To remove impurities and restore skin.

3. Use Jane Iredale mineral makeup products, and abandon  all beauty products that have fillers and harsh chemicals.

-To promote a more natural healthy beauty.

Cheers to putting our best skin forward in 2013. Great skin is the perfect accessory.


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