The Joys of Christmas

From experiencing the excitement of Christmas as a child and until now, Christmas is still my favorite time of the year for many reasons. However, I have constructed a list of my top three reasons for loving this magical time of the year.

1. The joy and mystery of Santa Claus for Children. I helped out in a second grade classroom as an aid, and I loved reading their letters to Santa. There was no way to grade a child’s letter. While some left me laughing others made me hold back tears. Kids fuel my Christmas spirit. The letter below made me recall the compassion that society should have for each other on a day to day basis, and what Christmas is really about.

2. I love baking with my mom. It has become our ritual, similar to many other families. There is something special about visiting in the kitchen and making something delicious. Instead of baking for our own family, health concerns leave my mom and I baking these delicious cookies and getting them out of our house ASAP! We like to bring these delicious cookies to parties were they are a hit. Here is my favorite cookies recipe that sends my taste buds into overdrive. These cookies are hard to resist. Drum Roll….. The Neiman-Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Here is a link to the recipe

Story has it that a mother and daughter went to the Neiman Marcus Cafe to have lunch and bought a cookie for dessert. The cookies was so good the lady asked for the recipe, the waitress said she could not give it to her. The lady then asked if she could buy the recipe and the lady replied, “yes, for two-fifty.” The cookie lover said great, “add it to my tab.” Weeks later the lady checked her bank statements and her Neiman Marcus bill for the cookie was $250.00. The lady was outraged when a worker at the Neiman Marcus Accounting Department said there were no returns and nothing could be done. The cookie lover then spread the recipe all over the internet.

While there is a discrepancy regarding how the cookie recipe was shared I sure am happy I get to enjoy ONE of these cookies a year, well sometimes two cookies.

3. I love Christmas because there are many holiday parties! I love getting together with friends and co-workers to share a drink and a bit to eat. I also love getting to wear my favorite boots! Whether its snow or rain these boots are great for Christmas attire.


Happy Holidays!


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