A Family Tradition

There is only thirteen days left until Christmas and I must say I have been counting down for quite some time now. To say I am excited to be home with my family for the holidays would be a major understatement. When all my relatives come together for the holidays has to be the best feeling for me and nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than being with my loved ones. I am sure everyone has those special traditions that they have with their families and of course I am no different. There are many little things my family does such as go to Apple Hill to cut down our Christmas tree, attend the Sacramento Ballet’s Nutcracker, but my favorite tradition of all is how my family spends Christmas eve.

 My family all has our own favorite Christmas movies but the one we all hold close to our hearts is A Charlie Brown Christmas. This movie has been my all time favorite since I was a child and remains to be so today. Every Christmas eve before all of us go to bed, everyone in my family opens one Christmas present and it is always pajamas. No matter what the pajamas look like, this is hands down my favorite gift of them all. I have been doing this tradition for so long that it has become what I look forward to the most. After we all put on our new cozy pajamas we sit down and watch our most treasured Christmas movie.

The thing I love most about this movie is the message that it brings. Throughout the whole film Charlie Brown struggles with the true meaning of Christmas as he sees everyone so consumed with gifts, money, and the perfect Christmas tree. It is not until Linus, his best friend, explains the true meaning of Christmas that Charlie Brown understands. Watching this movie always reminds me of why we celebrate this holiday and I too remember what Christmas is all about. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season and sharing in their own festive traditions.



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