Winter White ~ Inspirational Imagery

Since I was a little girl, I have always seen winter white as a beautiful classic and associate it with this time of year. Whether its a posh coat or theme to your holiday tree, winter white is fresh and seems to always add a touch of timeless glamor. It has a romantic feel and it pairs lovely with deep contrasting colors, prints, and textures. I find inspiration in many things; nature, music, art, and beautiful imagery to name a few. In essence, here is a collection in which I find that inspiration. Definitely can’t help that overwhelming, warm fuzzy feeling!

I am such a sucker for aesthetically pleasing, dreamy photos; I simply gander and get lost in their beauty and charm!

Here at PB&J Boutique, we have recently been drooling over some of the winter white sweaters, blouses and accessories. Some are perfect for lounging by the fire, while others make an elegant statement piece for a holiday party. Here are a few of my personal favorites in which I developed quite an obsession for:

Withlove Jumper

Pearly Pullover

White Coin Purse with Coral Charm

Heart to Heart Top

Okay, well now that you are well aware of my winter white fantasy, here are some more to make sure you have an inspired start to your Monday!

PS- I grew up riding horses so this first one is near and dear to my heart, I just love it!

Now I’m feeling dreamy and have the creative bug, maybe I’ll go try to reproduce a similar winter white cupcake! I am not much in the kitchen, (understatement) but I think they are so darn fabulous that its worth a shot. Who knows they may turn out ever better… okay, now I’m really dreaming!

Anyway, thanks for reading and cheers to a fantastic, winter white week!


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