Christmas Tree Hunting…The Only Way To Do It

It has long been a family tradition of ours to drive up to the mountains, choose a tree to cut down and put up in our living room as our Christmas tree. We usually do it on my birthday, but the last couple of years I’ve been here in Chico for school and so we go the day after Thanksgiving, just like this year. We always bring a large thermos of hot cocoa to keep us warm up in the cold mountain air. The weather this year was pretty nice and really sunny (see second picture for great facial expressions) and we were plenty warm, but you can’t break tradition! When we were younger, my little sister and I would stay warm by running around in between the trees and playing tag. Now it’s a lot of fun to watch the younger kids with other families choosing their own tree.

This is also an opportunity to break out a new cute holiday outfit! BUT you must be careful in what you choose to wear. First and foremost, you have to have some good boots; it gets muddy up there the majority of the time. Last year, both my sister and I wore Uggs….neither of us recommend doing that. I wore my new ones from Steve Madden (being very careful not to ruin them!). Next you have to make sure your arms and legs are completely covered so they do not get scratched up on the trees that are so densely packed together. This is most important for my sister and I due to the fact that although we are older, we still end up running around through the trees. This year I wore a sweater from Forever 21 that had elbow pads sewn on…very lumberjackish!

This year something new happened! We actually pulled up right next to the tree that is now standing in our living room! That’s it right there ^^^Consider that a before picture because here’s after…..I hope everyone has a great time these holidays choosing a tree and decorating it, whether you are getting it from the mountains or Home Depot. It’s definitely a very fun part of Christmas!!!



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