Dressing Down for Dinner

I don’t know about other families, but as for mine, we don’t tend to dress up for holidays. Our fancy dinners are attended by us in yoga pants and comfy sweaters. This Thanksgiving was no exception. This is not to say that we completely forgo cute holiday outfits; they are just saved for the surrounding days in which stretchy material is not as essential for the day’s activities! But when they aren’t being put to use, I’m a firm believer that yoga pants can be dressed up plenty to be considered acceptable. My favorites are from Victoria’s Secret and it’s become an addiction.

But if you take a pair of yoga pants and pair them with a cute poncho or off-the-shoulder sweater, you won’t look like a total bum 🙂 My favorite yoga pants outfit, however, is actually with our lace camis. I only have the black one so far, but I plan on grabbing a few more this holiday season!! So even though you may not be as fancy as my grandmother’s sweet potatoes (see below) you can still rock a cute outfit and stuff your face with holiday foods all you want!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has plenty of leftovers!!



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