A Few Winter Necessities

Forecaster’s show more cold weather!

I love all winter activities! Whether it means hitting the slopes, hunting for a tree, or going ice skating.  Unfortunately, my hands are exposed to the cold weather. Cold weather can destroy the look and appearance of my hands. When I do not have the pleasure of doing fun winter activities I go about my daily tasks that include; attending school, getting gas, and grocery shopping. These tasks require me to use ample amounts of hand sanitizer to fight against bugs. Both cold weather and hand sanitizer leave my hands dry.

Many creams promise great results, but many fall short. I wanted to share with you three of my favorite creams that give my hands much needed moisture.

1 Archipelago Oat Milk Hand Cream $18.00



This cream is scent free. Which would make it versatile gift. It contains oat protein and aloe that leave my hands non-greasy.

2. Archipelago Pomegranate Body Butter $ 30.00


I love this product because it smells amazing! The formula contains enzyme boosters which detoxify and promote soft and healthy skin. It has a citrus sent that is not too sweet. I receive many compliments when I use this cream.

3. The Healthy Body Butter Pure Vanilla $10.00


Made by LaVanila, this body butter is all natural. It contains no harmful parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic Dyes, or sulfates. This cream is very thick and gives me immediate results. It contains Shea and Coco butter. Another perk is LaVanila does not use animal testing.

These products help protect my hands, and make me confident to show off my favorite jewels.



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