Tis’ The Season

Thanksgiving may be tomorrow, but Christmas is right around the corner and for many places this means decorations… everywhere! Big cities do not waste any time when it comes to celebrating the biggest holiday of the year and they sure do go all out.  I made a trip to San Francisco this week and Christmas was in full swing everywhere I turned.

If you are not in the Christmas spirit by now then making a trip to any department store or city will definitely change that. From Pier 39 to Union Square the streets are decked out in beautiful lights and wreaths lining the streets. I must admit, I have not always been a fan of Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving but walking the streets in SF really put me in a joyful mood.

As fabulous as all the decor is, it is still important to me to stop and celebrate the holiday we sometimes seem to forget about. I want to make sure and be thankful for the short amount of time we get with the fall leaves and brisk air. Christmas will be here sooner than we all know it but right now let’s celebrate Thanksgiving with the holiday cheer it deserves!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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