Karen Kell Collection

Karen Kell has created quite the buzz around the office since receiving our first shipment this week. Who is Karen Kell you may ask? She is a fabulous new designer based out of the greater Los Angeles area who has a knack for creating handmade clogs, bags, and accessories alike. Her luxurious leather creations are of heirloom quality and are a spin on cowgirl chic. All of her pieces are made from vegetable tan leather and are complete with the unique KKC authentic stamp.

Here are a few of our favorite cuffs that are as comfortable as they are fashionable:

Top left:  Grey Butterfly Cuff

Top right: Sunrise Woven Cuff

Bottom left: Woven Leather Cuff

Bottom right: Turquoise Boho Cuff

As for a little background about the designer, Brit Karen Kell founded the company in 2009 and has found inspiration from various trips throughout California. As her interest in creating vintage accessories increased, she moved to Mexico where she learned her leather skills. She later set up shop where she perfected the art of molding and tooling vegetable tan leather. With each piece she added her distinctive contemporary twist and KKC finish. In 2011 Karen settled in Los Angeles where she has become quickly recognized for her superb craftsmanship. Some of her pieces have been featured on films such as Very Good Girls, Martha Stewart Show, and Rachel Ray to name a few. All in all, Karen Kell has created a wonderful and inspiring brand whose mission is to “expand the workshop and keep her industry in the USA.”


For a complete list of the pieces that we carry from the Karen Kell Collection, be sure to check out PB&J Boutique here: Karen Kell

As always, thank you for for reading and have a lovely rest of your weekend! Oh… and Happy Halloween!

Best, Laura

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