Sushi For Two?

When I am not enjoying myself at the PB&J shop, I can be found right in downtown Chico, surrounded by admirable rolls of sushi. The Rawbar is my other place of employment and they have much to offer when you have a craving for Japanese treats. Much like many of the clothing we offer at PB&J, the rolls of sushi have many beautiful, intricate details that enhance their aesthetic appeal as well as their overall taste.

Warning: some of these pictures may cause an unavoidable craving for raw fish!

Hungry yet? Okay here’s one more.

So as you are heading downtown to handle the sushi craving that has just been induced (you’re welcome), be sure that you are looking good and ready for the fall weather that is almost upon us! PB&J can definitely help out with this part. Why not try on our aptly named Sushi for Two v-neck from Mystree? You’ll be sure to be turning heads and looking just as good as the many rolls you’ll be munching on…just click on the link below to check it out!

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