Happy Fair Trade Month

In honor of Fair Trade Month I decided to make a coffee candle.

Fair Trade is important because it ensures coffee growers in developing countries receive a higher fair price for their product. This allows for a higher standard of living for struggling coffee producers. The Fair trade movement also promotes sustainable practices to keep ecosystems happy.

I enjoy a caffeine kick from a cup of coffee. In fact, the aroma alone helps me get through the day.

Here are directions for a DIY Coffee Candle:

1. Materials needed:

1 candle, fair trade beans, wick, and mason jar.

2. Melt wax in a pot or double boiler. 3.) Place wick in jar and pour beans in the bottom. 

4. Once the wax is liquid pour over beans. Make sure you hold the wick up.

5. Get a bowl of cold water to speed up cooling time.

6. Remove any excess wax on the jar.

7. Enjoy your new yummy smelling candle!


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