We got pinned!

We love pinterest! Not just because it is fun but because we get quite a bit of traffic from their website. It is fun to see how certain products get pinned and repinned by others again. Our textual bracelets have been the biggest hit it looks like and we thought it would be fun to list our higest pinned items here. If you want to look at PB&J pins visit
http://pinterest.com/source/pbj-shop.com for all pins made to PB&J Boutique

Every Saint Silver Leather Wrap Bracelet
A leather bracelet that reads Every Saint Has A Past And Every Sinner Has A Future (Oscar Wilde), and we can’t keep this bracelet in stock. Hard to believe over 1000 pinteresters have pinned it. A new black leather version of the bracelet is now in stock and we hope the pinterest crowd picks it up as well! 1K+ Pins

Just Believe Bracelet
Another bracelet, and this one reads Don’t be afraid, just believe from Luke 8:50. Currently sold out, unfortunately. We will have this bracelet back on our shelves after our next back-order. 89 Pins

Pleated Cupcake Dress
OK. This is actually not the third highest pinned item we have or had in stock, but it is the highest non-bracelet ranking piece so here it is! An Ivory and pastel coral summer dress, we love it! 33 Pins

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