A Walk In The Park

The weather here in Chico has been getting so much warmer lately! The summer heat occasionally becomes a little unbearable, but for right now the temperature is just perfect. We thought we would take a little break to go enjoy the beautiful weather by strolling through our local park.

IMG_0502 IMG_0528

For those of you who don’t know, Bidwell Park is a popular attraction in Chico. As the third largest municipal park in California, Bidwell features many different areas for hiking, swimming and overall recreation.

IMG_0530 IMG_0537 IMG_0540

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One of our favorite locations is called One Mile Recreation Area. One Mile has so many activities to make for a great day at the park. Sycamore Pool is a spot in One Mile that has a part of Big Chico Creek contained in with concrete decks, walls and bottom to allow for a unique swimming experience.

IMG_0518 IMG_0510

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If you are ever in the Chico area, a visit to Bidwell Park is a must!

Have a relaxing rest of your day!


Spotlight On Our Lovely Bloggers

Here at PB&J, one of our favorite parts about working at a boutique is being able to work with bloggers all over the world. We love sending products to bloggers and seeing the creative outfit choices that they come up with, it is always a surprise to us. The list of bloggers that we have worked with goes on and on, so we thought we would show you some of the recent posts that other bloggers have done:

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 1.03.10 PM

Jackie Welling of Little J Style rocking the Sweetly Swinging Top by En Creme.

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 1.05.54 PM

Brooke from KB Styled is wearing the Mia Skirt in Natural by Knot Sisters.

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 1.40.47 PM

Kristyn from Glamour-Zine wearing the Lacey Lady Top by En Creme.

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 1.47.13 PM

Carly Maddox from A Walk in the Park wearing the Petal Dress by Darling.

Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 1.49.37 PM

Andrea from Blonde Bedhead wearing the Boho Sleeve Hi Lo Top by Blue Life.

We are always having bloggers post about our clothes, so be sure to like us on Facebook so that you can always see what’s new! Thanks for reading!

~The Ladies of PB&J

A Sweet Treat on Monday

Hello there and happy Monday!

While Mondays might signify the start to your busy week, we decided to make today a little more interesting with a trip to our local ice cream shop, the famous Shubert’s. Shubert’s Ice Cream and Candy has been in the same location in Chico, CA for the past 75 years.


The shop is located in Downtown Chico and still uses one of the original ice cream makers from 1938. The business is still run by the Shubert family and uses local ingredients from the Chico area.

IMG_0471 IMG_0484

With it’s intense popularity, Shubert’s was recently voted one of the two best ice cream shops in the nation. Because the ice cream is just so good, we thought that it would be a fun little treat today.

IMG_0476 IMG_0466 IMG_0462

Sheared Yoke TunicGF Brazillian Druse Necklace/ Jeans by Fidelity Denim (online soon!)

If you are ever near the Chico area, we highly suggest that you try the famous Shubert’s for a delicious treat!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Monday!

~The Ladies of PB&J Boutique


brunch… because mimosas

I love to go to brunch on the weekends. I think my favorite part is that I can basically have desert for breakfast! I usually try to start my day very healthy: I’m an egg white scramble and fresh fruit kind of girl but when it comes to brunch… I like to order something sweet and sugary.


Here in Chico, CA we have a ton of breakfast/brunch options. If you don’t get up early you will most likely have a long wait. Some of our favorite brunch spots in Chico are Sin of Cortez, Cafe Coda, Nash’s and Morning Thunder. A few of these places have unlimited mimosa bars, which sounds delicious. I think Brunch attire is best casual. I have picked out a few of my favorite tee shirts and sweater/jackets to keep  you looking effortlessly cool at brunch. After all brunch is usually a time when you don’t want to spend a ton of time to get ready.


Perfect pieces to throw on when heading out the door! top: http://bit.ly/1Gju4u5, http://bit.ly/1CpFtJJ, Bottom: http://bit.ly/18CKIJP, http://bit.ly/1Gjuvoj

Perfect pieces to throw on when heading out the door! top: Girlfriend Cardigan, Ryder Jacket  ,  Sweater Weather , Heather Grey Peplum Hoodie

You can of course avoid the long wait for brunch and make your own. Pancakes are pretty quick and easy to make. Today I’m sharing  my fluffy pancake recipe! Slightly sweet so you can enjoy them with or without maple syrup. I love to add fresh fruit on top when serving.  Enjoy!


Happy Brunching!


Artist Spotlight – MØ

Hello and happy Friday to you all!

To start off the weekend, I thought I would share with you one of my current favorites artists and hopefully a new music find for you.

Karen Marie Ørsted, also known as MØ, is a danish singer with an electronic, indie-pop sound. I first discovered her album “No Mythologies to Follow” in September 2014 before seeing her perform at Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco. Sadly, I showed up late and only caught the last half of her performance, but I have to say after that I was hooked!

MØ has such a unique sound and I often find myself playing her songs on repeat. Her music mixed  with songs Banks, Lykke Li & Haim make for the ultimate girl band playlist. Below are a few of my favorites from MØ along with Lean On that she is featured on and just came out this year.

Enjoy :)

Slow Love

Dust is Gone (My personal favorite)

Say You’ll Be There

Lean On

For all of you heading to Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival next month, MØ is playing on Sunday. It is hands down one of my most anticipated shows to see.

For a list of her upcoming tour dates, you can check them out here.

Thanks for reading!


Summer Glow

Growing up in California as a swimmer meant that I was tan all year round. When I stopped my swimming career, my luscious golden glow began wearing off, so I began to find other ways to help me get my color back without having to be at the pool everyday. With summer right around the corner, I am starting to work on achieving my perfect color.

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 1.51.32 PM

I understand the risks of laying in a tanning bed, so I find different ways to tan without going to a tanning salon. Here are some great ways to acquire the color you desire safely:

Spray Tan: One of my great friends who works as a spray tanner at a local salon has given me some great tips on how to make a spray tan last and look it’s best. It is very important not to go near water for the amount of time that you are instructed because it can cause your tan to turn out uneven. Also, before you go in for your spray, be sure to exfoliate your body so that the tanning solution can stick to you better.

Tanning Lotion: This is probably one of my favorite methods to use in order to get my desired glow. For me, tanning lotion doesn’t last too long, but it is super easy to reapply when you need more color. I love using the tanning lotion from Victoria’s Secret because I feel that it has the best coverage. I just recommend washing your hands after you use it to avoid awkward coloring.Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 3.42.56 PM

Tanning Gel: In my experience, the coverage with the tanning gel has not been as substantial as a tanning lotion, but when I don’t want a super dark tan, it just gives me a nice glow. However, like tanning lotion, make sure to wash your hands when you are done!

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 3.54.53 PMAt-Home Spray Tan: Spraying yourself with a can from the drug store is super convenient. I think that it gives me the most coverage and it is great to coverup scars and discolorations. My only recommendation would be to watch out for color wearing off onto your clothing and your sheets. It is great for a day wear, but I would shower before bed.

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 3.37.37 PMWith all of these methods, it is important to remember to exfoliate before using the products because it helps your tan last longer. There are so many ways to tan safely, so if you have any other methods or tips, please feel free to share!


Spring Cleaning- Makeup Brushes


Today’s post serves as a reminder that with the changing seasons, comes routine cleaning. I have compiled a list of the best tips for cleaning your makeup brushes. The criteria I used to determine the recommendations were products that received the best reviews on multiple sites and the top tips from the beauty industries most successful bloggers. The top tip is to clean your brushes once a month.


Cleaning Products

BareMinerals Well Cared For Conditioning Shampoo for Make-Up Brushes $14

Mac Brush Cleaner $15

Estee Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser $16



1. Wet the brush with warm water, and be careful to not immerse the base of the brush under water.

2. Place a pea size amount of cleanser into a small dish and swirl the brush around.

3. Rinse with warm water.

4. Disinfect. Make a vinegar mixture by placing a small amount of vinegar and 2x water in a small dish and swirl the brush hairs around.

4. Gently squeeze water and vinegar from the bristles.

5. Use a lint-free clothe to remove additional moisture.




Happy cleaning!


Mommy Attire

It was a very exciting day here at PB&J Boutique when we found out that our very own, Laura, was expecting a baby girl. I sat down with Laura to discuss what it has been like for her to dress when she is five months pregnant. Laura always looks adorable, so it was no surprise to me that her wardrobe only improved when she became pregnant.

One tip she had for purchasing clothes was to always buy one size larger. This helps her so that she can continue to wear the clothes as her tummy grows. Because she doesn’t want to buy a lot of maternity clothes, Laura said that she just buys regular clothes in bigger sizes. Some of her favorite things to wear lately are tunics and rompers because they are just so cozy. Here are a couple of looks that Laura found at PB&J that were cute, comfortable and practical.

IMG_9928 IMG_9924

Wallace JumpsuitPounceBlack Jasper Teardrop

Laura was a big fan of these rompers because she said that they fit her well and still covered her tummy. Click here to see more of the rompers that Laura liked!

Although she has found it very difficult to wear heels lately, Laura wore the Pounce booties by Seychelles and absolutely loved them! She said that they were comfortable and still easy to walk in.

IMG_9918 IMG_9919

Top (Online soon!)/ Geode Floating Necklace

Please visit PB&J Boutique to see more clothes for all occasions! Thanks for reading!


A Closer Look at Johnny Was

Since we opened PB&J Boutique, one of our favorite brands has been Johnny Was. Created in 1987, Johnny Was has a unique look that embraces both modern and vintage styles. Eli Levite created the brand in the ’80s and the inspiration for the brand’s name came from Bob Marley’s song, “Johnny Was a Good Man.”

Here at PB&J, we have always loved the boho style and intricate embroidery on Johnny Was clothing. There are other divisions of the company that embrace different styles for a unique range of looks. PB&J carries the divisions For Love and Liberty, JWLA, BIYA and Pete & Greta. Take a look at some of our favorites from each division!

johnnywaspete and gretafor love and libertybiya


To see more of the Johnny Was collections please check out the PB&J website!


3 Refreshing Sips

We stay away from soda in this house so I like to get creative with fun drinks; I have put together a great line up of homemade refreshing drinks to keep you well hydrated!


Infused water

We all know the benefits of drinking enough water: good for your skin, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, reduces bloating, keeps you from getting sick…. and the list goes on. I personally try to get at least 64 oz of water a day. That’s a lot! But I really do feel better when I’m well hydrated, and as everyone knows, water can get boring. My solution? Infused water! I first saw this trend pop up on Pinterest years ago, but hadn’t tried it until recently. My favorite combo is strawberries and lemon. It is important to use ripe fruit. If a blueberry is sour, the water will take on that sour flavor. Flavor combination ideas below; the options are really endless!


First rinse your fruit and herbs.


Pierce blueberries and raspberries with a knife before adding them to the water to bring out their full flavor. With herbs, give them a little twist to release their natural oils.


Then add your water. I find it is best to infuse the water overnight but no more than 12 hours. The fruit gets a little mushy if left in the water too long. Easy and delicious!



Infused Iced Tea

Iced tea is very refreshing, but It can also get boring. By adding fresh fruit to your freshly brewed iced tea, you can really spice it up! I love to add oranges to my iced tea. You can get creative with peaches, strawberries, mint, and just about any other fruit/herb combination. It also looks super pretty. Good way to impress your friends ;)


Basil Jalapeno Lemonade

Finally, fresh home made lemonade is the best! Super refreshing and perfect on a hot day. I usually don’t like lemonade, but this recipe is the exception. The jalapeno’s first lured me in; I love anything spicy! The original recipe I found had a million steps and you had to let the simple syrup sit overnight, but I like things quick and easy so I made it my own way and it turned out great!


First you make simple syrup by adding 1 1/2 cups of sugar to 2 cups of hot water. Then tear the basil leaves in 1/2 and add them. Microwave for 4 minutes to infuse the basil and melt the sugar. Add your lemon juice, sparkling water, ice and jalapenos. Refreshing with a kick! You could easily make this mock-tail a cocktail by adding some jalapeno vodka or citrus rum.


I hope you enjoy these recipes, and cheers!